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I just wish, in real life, for once, I could have a conversation with someone with it ending with being cut off, told to leave, or it ending up in an argument. I'm sorry for being so negative all the time :(
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I slowly wake up, my head is pounding and I can't really see, just fuzzy black shapes. One of them comes over to me, tilts my head up. I try to speak, but all that comes out is a low groan.
"Sir, I think she's waking up" the person says this, but I can barely make out the words and my mind won't let me focus on what he's saying.

"Well then, we can't have that, now can we?"  I hear another voice respond to the first, and it's calm but icy, and just the mere sound of this voice is enough to send shivers down my spine, and fill me with fear. I've never been this afraid, and every fiber of my being is telling me to run away, but my body won't listen.

"Give her another mixture of sleep and mind control potions. We don't want her waking up during the procedure" The icy voice continues, and there's a warning edge to it this time. I feel confused and even more scared now...mind control? Sleep potion? Procedure...? What is going on here...but before my mind will let me process any of this, I feel someone force a liquid down my throat. It tastes awful, and burns my throat. I try to spit it back out, but I suddenly can't move at all, and I start to feel incredibly sleepy. The last thing I see is a sleek black shape with icy blue eyes....the last feeling I feel is a feeling of sheer terror...

I have no idea how long I was out, but the next time I have full awareness, I'm lying face down on something hot. I feel sore all over, and all around just feel terrible, like I'd gotten run over by a truck or something. I force my eyes open after a few seconds, the first thing I see is sand. I'm surrounded by sand.

"What in the world..." I try to sit up, and right away, I wish I hadn't. Pain shoots up my right leg, all the way from my ankle to my knee. I gasp in pain, and just stay still for a moment till I get the courage to look at it. When I do, I almost throw up. My pant leg is completely shredded, from the ankle to the knee, exposing a huge gash in the leg, which is still bleeding.

"Oh my god..." I say weakly, I hate the sight of blood, it makes me feel nauseous. But judging from the state of my leg, that's the least of my problems. I look around to see if there's a water source nearby, and I realize I'm in a desert. Fantastic. I do see a cave though, and good thing too, because the sun is starting to set. I start to crawl towards it, and that's when I notice a small leather satchel lying near me. I grab it, whatever's in it could be useful, and continue to crawl towards the cave, hoping its uninhabited. I reach it just as the sun starts to set, and luckily for me, the cave is indeed uninhabited. I prop myself against the wall, and look into the satchel to see if it has anything that will help me. Inside, I find the following items: bread, meat of some kind, a dagger, a map, and a bottle filled with some sort of strange liquid. I pick up the bottle and remove the cork, and I recoil from the smell. It smells worse than raw fish and raw sewage put together! I quickly replace the cork and put down the bottle, but a feeling of disgust remains. That's when I notice something strange about my left arm, which is actually my dominant hand. Its a tattoo of a black Dragon, and it starts at the palm of my hand and curls it's way up the lower half of my arm. When I look at it, it triggers feelings of intense nothing I've ever felt in my life. That's when I remember how scared I felt when I heard that voice, and this is the exact same type of fear...

"What is going on here..." I whisper, pulling my jacket closer around myself, it's starting to get really cold in here. I try to sleep, but my dreams are mostly nightmares that night.
We had school the next day, at 8:00 sharp.  We always walk to school, since it's only a block or two from my house, and we live right next door to each other. Yeah, we live in a really small town. On the way, we discuss our first class, algebra.

"I hope Mrs. L doesn't spring another thing pop quiz on us today, I've failed the last two."
Johnny complains, and I roll my eyes.

"I don't really have trouble with that class, if you want, I can help you study after school today" I offer, and his eyes light up.

"Really? Abi, you're the best!" He says excitedly, and I smile and nod.

"What are friends for? Now let's hurry and get to school" I say, and hurry off. The school day goes normally, until about lunchtime. We eat together, just like usual, but about five minutes into lunch, my older sister, Erika, who's about a year older than me ( and is my mom's biological daughter) comes over.

"Oh, hey sis" I say, looking up from my hamburger.

"Hey Erika" Johnny mumbles, through a mouth full of hamburger.

"What's up? Aren't you going to sit with your friends?" I ask,  she shakes her head and sits down across from me. My sister has thick black hair and somewhat dark skin (she's of Cherokee and white European decent) with brown eyes, and is taller than me.

"We need to talk." She speaks, sounding serious, catches me off guard. My sister is a huge goofball, and most of the time, you can't take what's she's saying seriously.

"Whoa, what's up? Have you been bit by the seriousness bug?" Johnny asks, she snorts in response.

"Ha ha. Very funny. Normally I wouldn't be this serious, but I heard about strange men in dark cloaks being seen wandering around town. Be careful on your way home, okay sis?"

"What? Strange men in dark cloaks? Who wears a cloak in this day and age?" Johnny asks, taking another bite of his hamburger, as a glob of ketchup lands on his shirt. She shrugs, sighing.

"I have no idea, all I know is that you need to be careful Abi."

"We will,I promise." I say, and she looks visibly relieved.

"All right, see you later"

"See you later" I reply, and she leaves.

"That's weirder than the time my brother dressed up like ET and chased us all over the neighborhood." Johnny comments, and I resist the urge to groan at the memory.

"Don't remind me...anyway, we should probably take a different route home because of what Erika said. She didn't sound like she was joking."

"Agreed, we don't want to run into those weirdos" Johnny responds, and we go back to eating. The rest of the day goes normally, with no mention of the strange men from anyone. At about 3 pm, we're done with classes, and we head home. Normally, we go directly home on the same route we use to get to school, but today, we decide to cut through the forest behind the school, which also goes behind my house. The forest is very thick and dark, and the only sound is leaves crunching under our shoes.

"Are you sure going through here is a good idea Abi?" Johnny asks, looking around nervously.

"It's better than potentially running into those men" I respond,and we continue on for a few minutes. There's no birdsong or other animals, still just the leaves under our feet. Anyway, after about five minutes, Johnny stops.



"I think somebody's following us.." I stop and listen, and sure enough, I hear the sound of crunching leaves.

"Should we run?"

" could just be an animal"

"Maybe....hey! Who's there??" Johnny calls out, there's no response, but there's suddenly a blinding flash of light, and we cover our eyes quickly.

"What the hell is that!?" Johnny yells, and I'm about to yell back, but before I can start the sentence, I feel something strike my body, and that's the last thing I remember.
I'm going to be graduating soon(hopefully), and I should be excited, but I'm not....I just feel stressed and depressed.
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"Oh wow, did you see that!?"

"Yes Johnny, I did"

"That Dragon just set a guy on fire!"

"Yeah, I know, I'm right here"

That's me and my best friend, Johnny, talking. My name's Abiona, Abi for short. Johnny laughs and grins at me, his dark brown eyes peeking out from under his thick black hair. Right now, we're at my house, in the movie room. The "movie room" is actually a pretty small room in the basement, with no windows. The walls and floors are made of concrete, with no carpet, and there's just enough room for a shabby old couch and a tv. Me and Johnny have movie nights here once a week, sometimes more often if we don't have class. Today, we're watching a terrible movie, B movie level quality, called "Rule of Flames". I didn't pick it, Johnny did, and I have a feeling I know why.

"So any idea when your mom is coming home?" Johnny asks, lounging on his side of the couch.

"Beats me, she never knows either, she is a nurse after all" I point out, and he nods and turns his attention back to the movie.

"Ooooh! The Dragon just got shot in the face!" He exclaims, and I roll my eyes and chuckle. Me and Johnny are both sixteen, and have all our classes together at school. Like I said earlier, he's got thick black hair and dark brown eyes. He's a bit on the short and pudgy side, and does get teased for it, but never by me. I, on the other hand, have frizzy uncontrollable red hair, and green eyes. I'm not short or pudgy, but I'm not talk or thin either. I was actually adopted as an infant, and look like no one in my family, including my mom. But that doesn't matter, she raised me and always loved me, so it doesn't matter if I look like her or not, she's my mom.


"Huh? Yeah?" I ask, sitting back up from my slouched position on the oversized old couch.

"I know you don't believe dragons actually exist, but..." ahha. I knew it. He trails off, and I stifle a giggle.  Oh, this again. You see, Johnny is really into fringe science. Aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts, Nessie. You know, paranormal stuff. So, for some reason, he decided that it was reasonable to believe dragons exist as well, in some form or another.

"No Johnny, I don't believe dragons actually exist. What kind of exploration do you have to explain their supposed existence this time?" He always has one. As you can imagine, we do this a lot.

"I think they actually are from a parallel universe, and some of them just ended up in our universe, either by mistake or on purpose" He answers, looking excited. When he gets excited, he gets this really weird yet passionate look in his eyes, and I can see it right now. I look at him, thinking he's been watching far too many fantasy movies lately.

"Johnny, I love you because you're my best friend,'re nuts. Where do you keep getting these ideas?" I ask, and he grins, the look getting stronger.

"I got this one from my older brother. Remember that trip he went on a few years ago?" Oh boy....this is the same brother who convinced Johnny he was an alien when we were kids.

"Uh, yeah, he was gone for a few weeks. What does that have to with this?" Johnny's older brother is 28, quite a bit older than us, and a massive prick. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him, which is admittedly not at all.

"We were talking last night, and he told me he was actually taken to that other dimension by dragons!" He replies, and I stare at him.

"And you believed him?"

"Of course I did, he's my brother, and he had no reason to lie."

"Except to mess with your head"  I comment, and he shakes his head quickly.

"No way! He had proof!" He exclaims, and I eye him, folding my arms over my chest.

"Okay then, what is this 'proof'?"

"He gave me a photo of a Dragon!" He says excitedly, and I get interested quickly.

"Really?" Even if it's an obvious fake, it might at least look cool.

"Yeah, I have it with me. I figured this topic would come up"

"It always does" I say with a smile, I love our debates, even though I don't agree with him. He finds the photo, and hands it to me. For a moment after he hands it to me, it looks convincing. Then I look at it more closely,and I realize something.

"This photo's a fake" I say, looking up at him.

"What makes you say that?" He asks, looking genuinely puzzled, and I point at the legs and wings of the Dragon.

"Look here. There's a bunch of pixelated areas here that makes it look like it was cut off another photo and copy pasted onto a picture of a lizard. This is a Photoshop job, and a bad one." I say, and he looks closely at the photo.

"You're right....oh geez, I've been tricked!"

"Yet again" I comment, and he looks sheepish.

"Just like last time..."

"I haven't changed your mind about dragons existing, have I?" I ask, and he shakes his head.

"Nah, as far as I'm concerned, the more fake stuff I find, the more likely I'm going to find something real eventually" He replies, and I smile and hug him.

"I wouldn't have it any other way"
Dragon's Destiny Chapter One: It begins
Well, this is how it begins. And I promise I'm going to finish it this time.
I just wish, in real life, for once, I could have a conversation with someone with it ending with being cut off, told to leave, or it ending up in an argument. I'm sorry for being so negative all the time :(
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